This site is about how the best way to structure your affairs to create tax effective structures, no matter what the size of your business.

Tax Accountant: 6 Reasons Your Business Should Have One

15 April 2021
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Filing taxes is a mandatory obligation for every business, and there are professionals trained for that. Unfortunately, you will still find some business owners preferring to do it themselves to save some money. However, that does not always end up well as they file error-filled tax returns. The results are fines and audits, which are the last thing any business wants. If you own a business, you are better off with a tax accountant. Read More …

A Guide to Hiring Tax Accountants

9 October 2018
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A tax accountant is an accountant that specialises in tax-related matters such as calculating and filing taxes. Tax accountants are not only hired by businesses but also engaged by individuals as they ensure one does not overpay or underpay their taxes. Below are tips to guide you when hiring a tax accountant.   Reputation and qualifications. The tax accountant you hire should have an excellent reputation. You can ask for recommendations from friends or other businesses. Read More …

Negative Gearing: A Few Ins and Outs for Newbies

25 May 2017
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If you have plans to invest in rental property, gearing is a strategy you need to know about. It simply means borrowing money to buy a given property. Gearing can be both positive and negative. However, many investors are oftentimes concerned about negative gearing because of the implications it has on taxes as well as the investment altogether. If you are new to property investment, especially negative gearing, here are a few things worth knowing about it. Read More …

Why Have an Accountant Manage the Finances and Taxes of Your Rental Property?

30 June 2016
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If you own rental property, and especially if it's just one rental home or apartment, you may be thinking of managing the finances yourself. You might reason that it's not hard to collect rent, pay the vendor bills, and keep simple records for the property. However, rental property accounting is usually much more complicated than just collecting rent and paying bills; note a few reasons why you should consider having an account manage these finances for you. Read More …

How Quantity Surveyors Benefit Any Construction Contractor or Owner

17 August 2015
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Whether you're a construction contractor or a building owner looking to have a new project built, you would do well to consult with a quantity surveyor. This professional is skilled in understanding the costs of projects before and after their construction, and they can help a contractor or owner in a variety of ways before they even decide on a lot or parcel of land and before any construction work begins. Read More …

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